The Luminosa Kitchen – High Gloss Acrylic Kitchen

admin on February 12, 2022

High gloss acrylic kitchen cabinets.

Now with 3G and 4G doors available

We call this the Luminosa Kitchen which means “Bright” in Italian. The reason we chose this word is because of the way sunlight bounces off the sleek high gloss acrylic door panels

1. The Cabinet Carcass is made from Particleboard with a standard ABS edging. The final result is a carcass that feels solid and has better moisture resistant properties. This comes with the better quality ABS cabinet legs and a 100mm/150mm aluminum toekick. There is an option to have the built-in handle groove installed with the carcass with allows installation of additional LED lighting (Optional)

2. The High Gloss Acylic Door Panels are bonded with PUR glue before being placed on a flatbed laminating machine. This ensures that the final product has bonded well without any ripples. The acrylic material itself is top quality,and is available in either 4B or 6B hardness. We are able to provide clients a 1 year warranty against any discoloration.

3. The standard counter-top material for this kitchen will be Dupont Corian or an approved alternative. This allows the kitchen to have a sleek seamless look, while we will only recommend a matte/semi-gloss finish.

4. Fittings will be a choice of either Hettich (Germany) or FGV (Italy). The concept kitchen was produced with Hettich, but we are pleased to announce that this kitchen works well with FGV fittings as well. Kessebohmer storage solutions are an optional package.

The Luminosa Kitchen is ideally positioned as an upscale Kitchen Line, specifically designed to meet the expectations of discerning clients. Once properly fitted, the kitchen will require minimal maintenance, and the aesthetics will endure without fail. It is also ideal for use in high-volume upscale residential projects that require consistently high quality furnishings to be installed within a specific time-frame.

Spaces Team

Luminosa™ Kitchen

A new standard for modern contemporary kitchens in Kuching


Cabinet Carcass:

Particle Board (MUF V313 grade – Moisture Resistant, JIS A5908 – Low Formaldehyde, BS EN 312:2003 -Type P5 (MUF grade): Requirements for load-bearing boards for use in humid conditions, BS E1 standard)

Cabinet Edging:

Matching PVC/Laminated or ABS via Edge Band Machine

Door Panel:

High-Gloss Acylic (4B or 6B Scratch Resistant Rating, Panel Base: Medium Density Fiber: 710-730, the standard of E0 E1)


Dupont Corian (NSF/ANSI 51, LEED® Rated, GREENGUARD® GOLD Certificate, NGBS Green Certified

Fittings: Hettich or FGV



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